All Green Trucking® gets you moving in some of the cleanest trucks on the market today. Curious how we roll? Our trucks use selective catalytic reduction technology – which can reduce NOx emissions by up to 90% and CO2 emissions by more than 70 tons per truck over an average lifespan of 10 operating years. Watch a short animated video to see how the SCR technology works.

Our trucks meet the new EPA regulations for 2010, which call for an 83% reduction in NOx from 2007 levels. This handy Emissions Calculator illustrates just how much cleaner our trucks are. Our trucks produce just 5% of the NOx emissions created by a 1998 model – and have sophisticated electronic control systems to help our drivers optimize fuel efficiency.

Greener trucking isn’t just about staying ahead of government regulations for us. We’re concerned about air pollution in our communities, and we know that inefficient diesel trucks can mean poor health for our neighbors. In the South Bronx, 1 in 4 children have asthma in part due to pollution from trucks, as shown in greener media’s short, moving video, “Breathe Easy.” With our fuel-efficient, low-polluting trucks, we want to be part of the solution – and good neighbors and community members to boot.

At All Green Trucking®, we plan to stay the greenest in the business and always have our eye on the latest, cleanest, trucking technologies. Here’s what we’re reading now:

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New York Gets Tough on Smoking Diesel Trucks, Buses.
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Did you know?

Fixing potholes can now be greener than ever, thanks to GreenPatch®, a zero VOC alternative to conventional cold asphalt with its petroleum-based softeners. All Green Trucking’s® proud to be the exclusive hauler for GreenPatch® in New York City.